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  Africa Wildlife Films has been shooting in HD since 2006, and we have a wide selection of stock footage shot in Sub Saharan Africa. Prior to that all our productions were shot on super 16 film. We have an SD library spanning 12 years of production in southern Africa. The most unique footage, which is still unrivalled in HD, is on the flowers, insects and other small creatures of Namaqualand. The HD footage can be viewed for purchase at Stock Options.

Our stills library (35mm and digitial) derives from material shot in more than 30 countries around the world, but focusing in Sub Saharan Africa. All library footage is available directly from AWF.
  Flooded pan at Walvis Bay, Namibia   Male lion at sunset, Kalahari desert   Fisherman netting along Transkei coast, South Africa   Table Bay and Table Mountain/Cape Town, South Africa   Aardwolf with raised mane, South Africa
  Himba woman covered in red ochre weaving, Namibia   Cheetah in Kalahari desert, South Africa   Finger and thumb mesembryanthenum, Namaqualand   Hippo yawning, Okavango swamps, Botswana   Masai woman in traditional clothing, southern Kenya
  Meerkat on guard duty in the Kalahari desert   Dried grasses in Namib desert, Namibia   White water canoeing, Orange river, South Africa   Small spotted cat hunting for mice   Baboon spider nest, Zimbabwe
  Subadult poisonous foam grasshopper, Namaqualand   Portrait of bat-eared fox, Kalahari desert, South Africa   Herd of Cape buffalo, Chobe river, Botswana   Fighting aardwolf, South Africa   Dust storm in dry Nossob river bed, Kalahari desert
  Meerkats, half asleep, half on guard soak up the morning sun   Armoured lizard bites tail in ring of spines   Dirt road down Aoub River, Kalahari desert   Namaqualand daisies flowering in spring, South Africa   Tiny Oophytums flowering  amongst quartz pebbles in Namaqualand
  Aardvark foraging for ants and termites   Masai woman bleeding a cow, southern Kenya   Ostriches at sunrise, Kalahari desert   Ground squirrel flashing its tail as a decoy, Kalahari desert   Meerkat family outside burrow after sunset
  Martial eagle, Kruger National Park, South Africa   Namaqualand daisy, Senecio arenarius flowering in spring   Namaqualand daisy, Matricaria flowering in spring   Aardwolf on termite mound, South Africa   Pangolin feeding on termite mound
  Female chacma baboon threatening   Namaqualand flowers, Senecio and Nemesia flowering in spring   Male lion yawning, Kruger National Park, South Africa   Ostriches mating, Oudtshoorn, South Africa   Namaqua mole rat with bulb store
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